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  • Had a great time today! Sarah is a wonderful teacher.

    thumb Sara Tatiana

    5 star review  I look forward to the multifunctional boxing bootcamps at TBA that Brock tortures me with (in a good way!) every week. Whether I'm doing a class at the gym/doing my own weights/HIIT workout/doing regular bootcamp, I ALWAYS like to be pushed to my personal maximum - Brock's expertise at a total-body boxing workout gets me there every time! It's great that no two boxing bootcamps are the same - there's always a great mix of cardio, partner work/taking turns with gloves and pads/punching bags, medicine ball drills, TRX, kettlebells... just to name a few. My husband, son and I all revel in sweating it out at TBA!

    thumb Stefanie Hames

    5 star review  I'm very impressed with this gym! I have tried several other boxing gyms across the city and this one definitely takes the cake - clean, new equipment, variety of classes (spin and boxing) which is great for drop ins, technical instructors and a fun environment. If you're looking for a hard workout or expanding on some boxing skill sets, check this place out

    thumb Amanda Barber

    5 star review  I love the Toronto Boxing Academy. It is far and away the best boxing gym I have ever been too. The gym is always clean and the equipment is top of the line. The people are great too. Based on my experience, boxing is the best total body workout hands down and if you haven't done it, give it a try at Toronto Boxing Academy!

    thumb Amy Byrne
  • 5 star review  This place is awesome. It's an incredible workout and the trainers are great... especially for a beginner like me. I highly recommend!

    thumb Lisa Morlock

    5 star review  Great location, excellent workout, awesome results.

    thumb Timothy Syd Charran

    5 star review  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this gym! the staff is amazing.I have never liked going to other gym's as much as I like going here, sometimes I go twice a day. Staff helps keep you motivated and is very encouraging!

    thumb Miranda Alter Givens

    5 star review  No other better gym to get in shape, challenge yourself, and grow stronger.

    thumb Allan Blackett

Get Fit, Get Healthy, Get Strong through our Boxing Community

At TORONTO BOXING ACADEMY, we pride ourselves on being a boxing and fitness academy/gym of inclusion. Boxing is for everybody!

A boxing workout is unmatched. It will get you in great shape, it allows you to release your stress and frustrations, you will grow in confidence. You will physically and mentally push your boundaries, often pushing yourself further than you thought you were capable. Everyday in the gym we get to experience the difference the sport and the workout are making in our members lives. We know the positive difference it can make in your life. Whether it is getting you into better shape, teaching you a reliable form of self-defence, honing skills for an upcoming competition or just providing a community where people can come have fun, meet some new friends and share a common goal. Boxing changes lives, drop into the gym and see what it does for yours.

TORONTO BOXING ACADEMY made the oldest sport in the world new again. OLD SCHOOL meets NEW SCHOOL. Forget the gimmicks and come prepared to work hard. This is the best hour of your day, guaranteed! We are a boxing and fitness academy dedicated to giving people of all ages, all bodies, all abilities the most empowering workout of their lives. Our classes will engage your body, mind and spirit. You will go through the motions of a true boxer’s workout, you will sweat and you will have fun. Every punch and combination will work your entire body. Your body will never get used to our boxing workouts because they’re different every time! Our members love that the classes are short, effective and combine strength training, stamina and core work. ADD SOME PUNCH TO YOUR WORKOUT!!
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Connecting people with boxing

Toronto Boxing Academy was founded in 2008. Our boxing academy provides an outlet for you to learn the art of boxing and improve your fitness in a safe and healthy atmosphere. We aim to develop self-esteem and self-confidence.

Everyone Stays Happy

Our members will grow both mentally and physically while learning a practical form of self-defense. We offer a variety of group conditioning classes and technical boxing classes as well as one on one training. Whether you want to step into the ring and compete or just get into the best shape of your life and punch out some stress, we have something for everybody.

Boxing is the best workout

Our coaches are committed to your development, our methods are proven, and our goal is your personal victory! Drop in and experience our award winning boxing classes and instruction! We are the training home to many Ontario Golden Glove and National Champions! Drop in and add some punch to your workout.

Get hooked

Fall in love with our classes—a mind-body workout challenge made to transform and uplift. You’ll sculpt your body in full body workouts with our experienced trainers.

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