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Kids Boxing Classes


Kids Boxing Classes

Our Junior Jabbers (Kids Boxing Classes) program teaches boxing fundamentals to youth aged 6-12 years old. This class will teach the importance of exercise and staying both physically and mentally fit. This class will instil confidence, respect and dedication while the children learn a viable form of self-defence.

Kids Boxing Classes

Birthday Parties

Our Birthday Parties incorporate 30 minus of our Junior Jabbers Kids Boxing Class with 30 minutes of an organized activity. We also include 1 hour of Party Time for the children. These classes can be booked by calling or emailing us and booked a specified day and time. Two packages are available.


School Programs

Our school programs are non-contact. We educate the children on the art of boxing while building self-esteem, confidence, and teamwork. We are happy to come to your school or you can visit our gym. Our school programs make a great addition to any physical education program. Some of the schools that we have worked with are:

  • St. Barbara Catholic School
  • Holy Trinity Secondary School
  • Military Trail Public School

Teachers: This program isn’t just for students either. The teaching staff can also take part in this program. Our programs are great for team building and stress relief. In the past we have run staff training programs after the school day ends