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Boxing and Fitness Classes

Boxing and Fitness classes:


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If you want to learn how to box, our Boxing class is the program for you. We cover proper punch mechanics and technique, stance, footwork, defensive drills and once you are ready (decided by our Coaching staff) if you wish, you can enter the ring and start sparring. Light contact drills will be part of this class.

Toronto Boxing Bootcamps offer high intensity workouts for amazing weight loss, increased fitness and decreased stress. Using a combination of boxing skills and high intensity conditioning we combine the best of both worlds to give you a workout second to none.

Our Junior Jabbers kids boxing class focuses on the fundamentals of boxing, the importance of exercise and staying both physically and mentally fit.
The children will partake in various boxing related drills and activities.
This class will instill confidence, respect and dedication while increasing their physical fitness and provide an adequate form of self-defense.

Work through various intervals on the spin bikes.

A combination of a spinning class and boxing class. Work through intervals on the spin bikes, jump off hit the pads and bag. This 45 minute class will get your heart rate beating and the sweat flowing.

You don’t have to be a fighter to train like a fighter. This 30 minute class will push you to your limit. Be prepared to sweat and bring a bucket.

A 30 minute class focusing on a variety of heavy bag drills and conditioning. This class will help you refine your punching technique and movement.

Drop in work on your technique, hit the bags, lift weights. No classes are scheduled during this time. Workout on your own or follow some of our posted Boxing Circuits in the gym.